Parents shop for free at the Target House Christmas Shop!



 A Target House Parent said...

  “My husband and I both had to stop working , we went from having two incomes to zero. You gave us our Christmas


“We loved being able to partner with you! The Christmas Shop photos you sent were amazing. We plan on using them on our social media accounts to highlight the fabulous work you are doing. Thanks for letting us be a part of this every year.”

--Katy Willis, Marietta Hospitality

“Thank you for all you do for the families at Target House. You always go above and beyond, and your efforts are so appreciated. Your deeds for these families truly makes a difference for them. During the Christmas Shop one mother told me she would not have had the money for any Christmas gifts for her children if not for your generosity.”

--St. Jude Target House staff member

“It takes so much out of me to see my daughter sick like this. It breaks my heart, but to see her smiling at all the presents and everything today, I’m so happy”

--Target House pediatric cancer parent